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LeNoir  Foundation

We uplift the most marginalised communities through digital literacy, library resources, and improved internet accessibility.

Our Work In Africa

Our mission is to create safe, engaging learning environments where dreams flourish and potential is unleashed. We build and enhance libraries and IT Learning labs, transforming these spaces into hubs of innovation and discovery. By empowering youth, particularly girls, with digital literacy and educational opportunities, we pave the way for a brighter future.

Our Work In The UK

In the UK, our program leaps into action, empowering the local community, especially children and the elderly, in areas plagued by digital exclusion. We equip them with the tools and knowledge to navigate the digital world, ensuring they don't miss out on its transformative power.

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"While digital advancements are transforming lives for many, a significant portion of the global population remains underserved. In Africa, digital education is hampered by a scarcity of computers, a lack of proficiency in their use, and inadequate infrastructure.


Similarly, in the UK, digital inequality persists, creating a divide between those who possess technology and those who lack it or fail to utilize it effectively.


Our collective objective is to bridge these gaps by expanding access to computers and IT education, fostering equitable opportunities for all."

James Jay Mawaka - Founder

Students Given Access 
To Digital Learning


Learners in the UK given
digital skills support 


Library & IT Lab
Build Projects

We support SDG: 4 quality education & improving digital literacy where we work.
Empower Kids in Africa with Digital Skills

Because of your $25 monthly donation, we can deploy 10 more laptops to enable 240 more students every year.

Donate IT Equipment

Donate your working IT equipment to support African and UK programmes. Technology is a critical resource for education and engagement worldwide.


100% of all  projects remain open and operational to this day — help us maintain that sustainability.


Let's take a leap of faith and build a new library together! We want to create a space for everyone to come together and stimulate learning for students.

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