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Our work

We’re working hard to build safe and healthy learning environments that help children reach their full potential. We’re collecting data to understand what’s working and how to continually improve our programs and practices.

Our Programs


Library Builds

We build libraries but don't stop there.  We work with  communities empowering them to operate Libraries and Learning Centres and engage volunteers, librarians and community children in a host of developmental activities.


The Tribe

The Tribe - a passionate, determined group of monthly givers on a mission. We believe that a day will come in our lifetimes when every single child has access to quality education. And we want to prove how unstoppable we are when we work together.


Donate your working IT equipment

Please help us expand our African and UK programmes by donating working IT equipment. Your donation will help to ensure technology reaches disadvantaged people in the developing world. If you have a computer or peripheral that is still in working condition, please consider donating it.

Make An Impact Today

Donate IT Equipment

Donate your working IT equipment to support African and UK programmes. Technology is a critical resource for education and engagement worldwide.


100% of all  projects remain open and operational to this day — help us maintain that sustainability.


Let's take a leap of faith and build a new library together! We want to create a space for everyone to come together and stimulate learning for students.

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