About Us

Behind the Scenes

LeNoir Foundation was created exclusively for charitable purposes. We are specifically focused on providing relief to poor, distressed, and underprivileged individuals residing in Zimbabwe Uganda and India by developing academic scholarships and educational programs. We lovingly extend our hands to those in need to provide excellent, life-changing opportunities. In addition, we strive to prepare them so that they may overcome daily challenges and receive a better future.


LeNoir Foundation is a not for profit charity created to alleviate poverty in children's education. We believe education is a fundamental right for all children. Given our own backgrounds of having been brought up in Africa, we saw firsthand the conditions that resulted from not having access to basic education. For many people, this led to a lifetime of poverty and pain. We were determined to alleviate the problem. Today LeNoir Foundation supports many children to school in Zimbabwe, India and Uganda.


A world in which children realize their rights and achieve their potential.


Built on the vision that education serves as a keystone in improving society and building better futures for all, we commit to our core values of:

1. Generosity and sharing are essential to our ethos.

2. Ethics and Dignity

We are committed to the highest standards of honesty, fairness and respect. We value the dignity and worth of all people. We expect all of our conduct to be based on integrity, mutual respect, and civility, and that conduct is driven by the highest ethical standards.

3. Collaboration and Public Engagement

We commit to working collegially and cooperatively in establishing productive partnerships with our colleagues in corporate, nonprofit, and public communities. Through these partnerships, we strive to improve education and the quality of life for all to ensure a better future for all.

Key People


James Jay Mawaka


Born in a small town in Zimbabwe, Jay was ingrained with a work ethic that has served him well to live a purposeful life. Inspired by speakers like Tony Robbins and Les Brown, over the past 4 years he made his first fortune failing forward and developed himself as a social entrepreneur, gaining qualifications and experience in IT Project Management, Social Enterprise and Public Speaking.

"I strongly support not taking from society, but giving back in abundance, making a real impact on your community and your world". 


Friends describe him as a confident, charismatic, ambitious individual who embraces challenges and always sees the positive in circumstances most people would fear.


Prateek Saini

Project Coordinator

Prateek Saini (MCA student of V.I.P.S ) Originally from India he started noticing many people don't have access to even the basic necessities a human needs and are destitute of education, food, love, care and most importantly happiness.


He joined LeNoir Foundation with the vision and drive to improve upon our Nonprofit Organization, and focused on developing the organization with experience and integrity.



He is an  Inspirational Speaker, Author of the book “Live. Love. Dream, The Real Results Coach and the Founder/CEO at Raise The World Company.

His personal story and life journey inspire's and motivates people to transform their lives for better, to fight for their dreams, to achieve real results, and to live life with passion. 

His life motto is“Never give up, you never know what you are capable until you jump out of your comfort zone and do it”.Public Speaking, Self-confidence, Achieving Goals.

His life motto is “Never give up, you never know what you are capable until you jump out of your comfort zone and do it”.



Jones Maleka was born at Ga-Mphahlele in Limpopo Province, He is now based in Johannesburg. He is an Entrepreneur, Media Mogul, Missionary and Pastor at CFC Eden Encounters.

He is the Head Researcher of International Podcast  www.1000africanvoices.com Show that is profiling influential Africans from Africa and across the globe. The show is airing every Thursday at 08h00 am Central African Time, Saturday and Sunday at 09h00- 09h45 am CAT on 802 DSTV audio Channel (International Radio Station), Shortwave and Internet.


We have published voices from Zimbabwe, Niger, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, DRC, Mali, Sierra Leone, The Gambia and Rwanda, etc. The list has a good variety in the sense that we have covered poets, movie stars, comedians, actors, musicians, academic, Hollywood voices, social entrepreneurs, etc.


Jones Maleka holds:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies: University of Limpopo

  • Bachelor’ Degree in Ministry Leadership  Christian Family Church International Bible College – Johannesburg:

  • Masters in Ministry Leadership: "CFCI" Bible College

  • He is currently studying Masters in Theology at CFCI Bible College in Johannesburg.