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Lenoir Foundation builds their 1st library in Africa, Uganda

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Our founder James Jay Mawaka visited Uganda, the Pearl of Africa for the very first time to open our very first library in Africa built for the children in Kyenda community.

Lenoir Foundation strongly believes that through the provision of books and educational resources that enable students to acquire knowledge can help children achieve their full potential in a globalized world.

Received by the warm people from the community at a primary school where the library was opened, the sight of delight in the children’s faces was the day’s highlight.

One of the young children at the school, a one Matovu David said “I feel so lucky that I am going to have access to all these books just as the rest of the children in the other schools in the city.”

Lenoir foundation’s main goal is to rehabilitate learning centers with material for children especially the underprivileged ones to be able to access education without any challenges.

Our team, together with our founder also did carry out visits to meet leaders from different communities with whom we share the same vision. To enable every under privileged child access education as a way empowering them to do more for their families.

Our team poses with the Don Bosco Community leader in Kira Namugongo.

Imani Academy team, Nansana Kampala and our team share a photo.

Throughout the carried out visits, we realized that most of these children are from financially struggling families or total orphans. Therefore, they must be able to access education as a getaway, because it protects them by giving them a sense of normalcy, stability, structure and hope for the future.

The good news is that different communities are doing a commendable job in regards catering for children by providing basic shelter and low cost quality education but require resources for sustenance to meet the growing demand for children’s needs.

Lenoir Foundation continues to collaborate with different communities from different countries in making sure we develop every untapped potential dormant in every child through providing free and easy access to education for children everywhere.

Our team members pose for a photo with our Founder James Jay Mawaka

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