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Here's what's new at Lenoir Foundation.

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Literacy is the gateway to success, we believe that every child deserves equal opportunity.

Without your support, we cannot continue to expand and improve our initiatives. Thanks to donors like you, our Library builds, Digital champions, and Educational assistance programs are growing.

Library builds.

We not only build libraries but also work with communities empowering them to operate the Libraries and Learning Centres and engage volunteers, librarians, and community children in various developmental activities.

Digital Champions Program

In a pilot program launched a few months ago, Lenoir Foundation helps older people in the UK to understand the benefits of getting online. We're helping more older people make the most of the digital world through programs that increase skills and confidence.

Educational Assistance Program

It is Lenoir Foundation’s mission to enable and support children and young people in their education. By providing more children with access to education, we will ensure that the benefits will inevitably filter through into the wider community. It means that more children live free from exploitation.

The gift of literacy is yours to give and we will help you give it.

Please donate today to help children around the world get access to books, resources, and technology in their classrooms.

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