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Before you dispose them off, wait!

In this 21st century era, where information technology is the new oil, it is imperative that people especially those in developing countries embrace it. With almost everything today being carried out by either smart tech or digitally, it is important that we root for those that lack access to the knowledge and resources to be able to learn and be a part of this global movement.

Many young people in developing countries are now venturing into acquiring basic and professional Information Technology skills. There's a large market today dedicated to offering training to people irrespective of age who are interested in learning about computer use, computer hardware, software repair, virtual assistant, coding, etc.

One major challenge still stands, inadequate resources (laptops, desktops) to carry out the training.

Prior to the advent of COVID-19, the desire to be inclined in Information Technology can't be compared to the recent surge. There was a global transformation in companies worldwide as many of them had no other option than to change their mode of operation. While some were closing, others were still functional because of having earlier embraced digital interventions.

Girls safely navigate their way on the internet using an Ipad.
So many people want to be able to learn to use Tech but don't have the resources they need to learn.

The best time to invest in the next generation's lives is now, to channel their eagerness and energy for positivity and the mind for productivity and creativity.

We are calling on esteemed organizations to partner in this fertile opportunity for donations. As a foundation, we will greatly appreciate I.T. Equipment donations and other required materials needed to bridge the gap in digital literacy.

Year in, and year out, companies engage in general overhauling. Old computers, printers, scanners, etc., are disposed of and replaced with new sets. You can donate old office equipment and gadgets rather than let them accumulate dust in a closet or dispose of them.

According to the Computers with Causes website, "Your computer donation is completely tax deductible". In the long run, it will put smiles on the beneficiaries. In no time, those trained will not just be gainfully employed but also become trainers to other people.

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