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A Culinary Journey

"When most people ask me why I chose this profession my answer is simple, I love food. I have always loved food; most of my happiest moments in life involve delicious food."

Growing up I never loved the prospect of labouring long hours in the kitchen over a hot stove, however, I really enjoyed sitting down for a good meal. When asked what I wanted to do in life, I always said I wanted to be a chef but with no love for cooking and an unmistakable obsession with food, my family and friends insisted on pursuing a different career. Despite this, after completing my GCSE O’Level exams I decided to study professional cookery. I took a risk with my GCSE’S as I only registered to write five subjects, and after only attending a total of 2 out 3 terms of schooling I passed all five subjects. This experience taught me that hard work pays, during my exam period I faced numerous challenges and despite these, I was able to succeed.

As most people know the economic environment in Zimbabwe took a turn for the worst in 2008 and this affected my family’s financial situation. However, with the help of the LeNoir Foundation sponsorship programme and juggling a part-time job, I was able to afford to enrol myself in a PROFESSIONAL COOKERY Course at the GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF HOSPITALITY. I have maintained good student record, although at times personal difficulties have resulted in failure, I believe I am a chef at heart. My mother always taught me, never to give up, and that is the work ethic that drives me to achieve my goals.

The opportunity given me has allowed me to set a firm foundation for the future. I have since grown to love cooking and long hours in the kitchen have become my favourite past time. Cooking has become my life and passion. I don’t see myself doing anything other than cooking. I feel this course is only a stepping stone.

I have always dreamed of being known for something important, something that would inspire others to reach for greatness. Working as Chef allows me to do that and more. The time I have spent working in a hotel has helped me to realize I am happiest when I am working a rush at the end of the night, creating meals that become joyful memories in the lives of others. I have been in touch with foreign people in my working experience and this has allowed me to practice my French and English. In addition, I have developed varied professional skills. I have been responsible for diverse tasks including food preparation, plating and serving, as well as hosting guests and clients.

Studying abroad would be the greatest opportunity that I can imagine. What I am hoping for is the chance to gain the tools I need in order to pursue my dreams. I plan to utilize all of the worldwide opportunities that studying abroad has to offer. I want to be able to take what I learn through the next years of my life and grow as a Chef. I was often inspired by Chefs like Gordon Ramsey, José Avillez and Jamie Oliver.

People always make the mistake of thinking that being a chef is somehow glamorous, but it’s really not, especially when you first start out! That’s why the most crucial aspect of this job is a real love and passion for food. I genuinely enjoy every aspect of it, from the planning and preparation, right through to plating up beautiful dishes. I know I will be required to spend a lot of hours slaving in a kitchen, sometimes 16 hours a day, and sometimes I will question everything in my life that has led me there. Passion and perseverance will me through.

My culinary journey has only begun.

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