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The Rumors Are True!!

|| The Rumors Are True ||

I've changed.

I'm not the person I once was. I don't use the same language I used to use. I don't visit the same places, clubs, stores, bars, raves anymore. I don't drive the same car, wear the same clothes, live in the same post code or eat the same foods for that matter. I don't call lost friends, ex's, or position myself to be abused by people who can't appreciate the layers, textures or colours of my journey. I don't choose to do it alone like I use too, I don't have anything to prove any longer and I most certainly don't require an applause. I don't wait on hold, in lines or certainly for my turn to go anywhere. I don't think God is going to fix it for me or make it go away. Those days are very much over.

I've changed.

To the select few of you who can deeply relate with this message I want you to know that the very moment that you declare who you are, will often be the same moment that everything you're not shows up. People don't want to see you change and for no other reason than the fact that you will no longer fit into the role they need you to be for their life. And that is not your problem.

To the others who may not be in a space to digest this message and find yourself resistant to change I urge you to reach deep into your pockets and spare yourself some change. It will invariably be worth the digging.

I love my life and everyone in it.

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