Scholarship program to support young people.


Our merit-based scholarships provide low-income families with an opportunity for their children to receive financial aid, student support, and quality education. This allows motivated students to access higher quality education.

Scholarships Include:

  • 1 year of tuition (including exam fees)

  • Learning materials, uniforms, and sanitary products

  • *Essential packages including reusable masks, soap, water, and supplemental educational materials

Our exceptional students must meet certain standards to receive a scholarship.


The criteria include academic achievement, good behaviour while in school, and ongoing family engagement. By creating expectations, we ensure accountability for the student and offer shared responsibility and support between LeNoir Foundation staff and the local community.


67% of children in Southern Africa are unable to afford secondary school. LeNoir Foundation runs a sponsorship programme to ensure that the poorest and vulnerable will receive an education. We currently sponsor 5 primary school students.


We are actively seeking new sponsors to enable a new group of children to begin primary school in January 2021. If you would like to sponsor any of our children, please take a look and let us know which of them you would like to support. It costs £12.50 per month to pay for one student to go to primary school, but we would gratefully welcome any level of regular donation. 100% of the £12.50 goes to the project, so if you would like to make a difference in this way please email: and we'll send you a sponsorship form.


In whatever we do, we place a special emphasis on ensuring the needs and rights of children are met because they are often the hardest hit by conflict, disaster and chronic poverty. Join us in helping children have a better life.​

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Class of 2021: Scholarship program.

We are launching a new scholarship program to give young people in developing countries the opportunity to study and realise their desires to give back to their communities. Our goal is to award 10 scholarships by December 2021 to students in countries such as Zimbabwe and Uganda.


Rwanyanga Aklamu

Age: 8 

Status: Orphan Grade: P.3

Country: Uganda

I would like to be a doctor when I grow up so that I can treat little children of all diseases in the world.


Kayezu Sylvia

Age: 9

Status: Orphan Grade: P.4

Country: Uganda

I would like to be a pilot when I grow up since there are no female pilots in Uganda.


Niwahereza Kellen

Age: 5 

Status: Orphan Grade: P.1

Country: Uganda

I want to become a lecturer and also help little children who are poor.

High Fives

   "Sponsoring a child feels more special than other charitable donations – it's so much more than just giving money, it's like getting a new family member".


Sponsors a child in Zimbabwe


Sam Chidakwa

Name; Sam Chidakwa

Status -Orphan

Age 10 years

I would like to be a farmer


Tafazwa Taurai

Age: 8years
Status: Orphan
Grade: 2

I would like to be a Musician and sound engineer


Patience chezhira

Age 10yrs

Status: Orphan

Grade; 4

I would like to be a nurse when I grow up so I can help in my community

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