By helping them through their education, you are ‘paying it forward’ so they can not only transform their own future but also build a better life for their family and their community.


Child Scholarship Programme

Our scholarships change lives

Our scholarship programme gives children a wonderful opportunity to continue their education and create a better future for themselves and their family.

We work with 3 schools across Southern Africa and for as little as £12.50 a month you could provide one child with a much needed bursary that covers:

  • secondary school education

  • full board & lodgings

  • school uniform

  • all their books.

Mark Twain

“Every year there are hundreds of children leaving primary school in Kenya with no hope of attending secondary school. They are resigned to the idea of being “too poor to afford education”.


Microfinance and Business Development Support.

Sometimes, all people need is a little head start, not a handout.

Empowering Small Businesses

At LeNoir Foundation, our goal is to provide “booster shots” and financing that will enable small businesses to expand.  It will provide employment to an area’s local economy as well as contribute to national development.  This project also provides important training and support to ensure that the financed businesses succeed.  The training focuses on helping beneficiaries to recognize their commercial value, and it also helps the beneficiaries assess and recognize their own strengths and weaknesses in order to build the critical business skills needed to succeed in a competitive market economy.  Specifically, the training gives the beneficiary the skills needed to start, manage, and grow his or her own business by teaching proper record-keeping tasks such as how to plan, record, and improve goods and services.

Our Approach

The immediate objective of our Microfinance and Business Development training program is to assist beneficiaries in starting or expanding a business, so that they can become self-sufficient.  The long-term objective is for participants to expand their businesses and employ others as able.

At LeNoir Foundation, we believe that the most important form of microfinance is giving targeted credit to primarily disadvantaged youth and women who are talented entrepreneurs.  If those people gain access to credit, they will be able to expand their businesses, stimulate local economic growth, and hire their neighbors in need of employment, resulting in accelerated economic development.  While this approach has had significant results in the developing world, it has failed to reach a desired amount of disadvantaged individuals who still depend on a rural subsistence lifestyle and income.

Our Projected Outcomes

  • Self-sufficiency for talented youths and women entrepreneurs

  • Breaking of the cycle of poverty

  • Facilitation and encouragement of the entrepreneurial spirit in the quest for self-sufficiency

  • Empowerment and self sustenance

  • Economic expansion and growth creating unlimited possibilities for all members of a community including, youth and women

Make A Difference Today - Donate Towards a Microfinance Loan for A Small Business!


It's when ordinary people rise above the expectations and seize the opportunity that milestones truly are reached.

MAY 2015 - 2016

  • May 2015: LeNoir Foundation Project , Mission and Values written and planned.

  • July 2015:  Volunteer sign up completed in Zimbabwe.

  • Sep 2015: First Donation ceremony & Partnership with Chirozva Primary School  located in Zimbabwe.

  • Jan 2016: Three students in South Africa and Zimbabwe are enrolled onto our Scholarship programme.

  • February 2016: Setup Partnership with Vasudev Foundation in New Delhi India.

  • March 2016: Second Donation Ceremony at N.D.M.C School Rohini Delhi.

  • May 2016: Completed the Virgin Money Hackney Half Marathon, up to £700 raised from fundraising.

  • Sept:2016: Our first  student in New Delhi is enrolled  onto our Scholarship programme.

  • Sept 2016:  Third Donation ceremony at Nai Disha Free School in New Delhi India

JAN 2017 - PRESent

  • January 2017: Microfinance & Business Development Support Project is written and planned.

  • March 2017: First Microfinance loan approved to enable purchase of Rickshaws and start a small business.

  • May 2017: Completed the Virgin Money Hackney Half Marathon, up to £400 raised from fundraising.


  • April 2019: 5 Acres of land purchased in Uganda, WE ARE BUILDING A LIBRARY

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