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The Benefits Of Using eLearning In Developing Countries.

"Despite what you might think about developing countries, eLearning can actually make a difference and help these countries develop at a more rapid pace".

I was one of the people to receive a study opportunity from the Lenoir Foundation to study for Prince2 Foundation + Practitioner course, which was conducted by JMS consulting, I was granted my certificate on the 28th of June 2019.

Having a certificate, particularly one for project management in a developing world, a developing country, is a great boost for my chances of getting a job, a good paying job, Prince2 certified project managers are exceptional because they have had the best training available in the market today. Being in a country where education is key, this certificate has given me a stepping stone towards finding a good job, despite that, the course was fully sponsored for, a huge advantage looking at the fact that it is expensive on it own to do in my country even more so when I am not working.

When I saw the post on Facebook for a free chance to study for Project management, I was fortunate enough to be selected to study the course. I was so happy to be amongst those selected, a very rare opportunity since this is the first certificate I got after my BGCSE. I am currently studying Bachelor of Arts in Public Health with a government grant, having an additional certificate to my Degree, I believe a man needs to have many skills to survive in this ever-demanding world, having a secondary skill will help me to attain a better position in the future.

African communities are flush with talent, ambition and positive work ethic. Unfortunately, too many my fellow motivated African students are oppressed by poverty. LeNoir Foundation believes in the success of these students and helps them by providing short online courses.(Project Management & Business development). This, in turn, combats poverty and uplifts families. By donating to LeNoir Foundation's elearning project you are making the difference; you are a part of the solution to poverty in Africa.

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